Yo, Miss author Lisa Wilde

As a young baker in Wisconsin, Lisa Wilde loved the beauty and direct creative action of working with her hands. Moving to New York City in her twenties, she continued her exploration through the medium of film and TV. After spending ten years at BBC-NY, she again transitioned, joining the staff at Wildcat Academy—a second chance high school—where she has taught for the past 14 years.

Working with students at Wildcat was transformative, but primarily left-brained, so Wilde began drawing portraits of students at lunchtime to create a space without words. These drawings, along with poems by the students, became the basis of two shows—at Grace Institute in NYC and the Brooklyn Public Library, Windsor Terrace branch. The enthusiastic reponse to these exhibits led to the idea for a graphic novel, which could be a way—in words and images—to present the reality of her students’ lives, along with her view of the trenches of education.

In 2011, an excerpt from Yo, Miss was published in Show and Tell: A Graphic Anthology of Comics About Teaching. Selected pages have also been posted on the website Edwise. Wilde's students have won various writing awards, including being honored for the past four years in City College’s High School Poetry contest. Wilde has given lectures, performances and workshops about Yo, Miss at a variety of institutions, including Sarah Lawrence College, Manhattanville College, North Central College and the Brooklyn Historical Society.  In spring of 2014 Wilde was name a Fellow of the Academy for Teachers. Wilde has a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin, Madison; an M.A. from Columbia University; and an MsEd from Hunter College. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband and son.

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