Yo Miss cover

Yo, Miss

a graphic novel about life in the trenches of urban education, written and drawn by Lisa Wilde

Talk about education in America is everywhere these days, but the voices in the media are almost never the ones in the classroom—those of the students and teacher. Yo, Miss, written and drawn by Lisa Wilde, takes the reader inside John V. Lindsay Wildcat Academy, a second chance high school in New York City where all the students are considered at-risk. Based on Wilde’s 15 years of teaching at the school, Yo, Miss challenges preconceptions about who these kids are, the issues they’re facing, and what may or may not be needed to get them to graduation. In strong and revealing black and white images, the book tells the story of eight fictionalized students who are trying to get that ticket to the middle class—a high school diploma. Whether they succeed or not has as much to do with what happens outside the classroom as inside, and the value of perseverance is matched by the power of a second chance.

now available!   Yo, Miss: A Graphic Look at High School can be purchased as a series of five zines, or preorder the book (publication: March 2015).


“I just looked at a bunch of Yo, Miss, and it’s riveting! . . . This is such an amazing project—I’m not sure how you have the energy to teach all day and do all this writing and drawing, but keep it up!”
—Alison Bechdel
Fun Home, Are You My Mother?

“(Wilde) succeeds at revealing the anxiety and the hope underlying her work at the school without soliciting cheap empathy for her or her students fighting against the odds . . . I’d recommend this zine on its merits as a comic and as a snapshot of inner city American education.”
—Joshua Barton, Broken Pencil
Zine Review of the Month, April 2014

“For anyone who has ever had demanding experiences working in education Yo, Miss might trigger violent flashbacks . . . Oh, the humanity. Get it and get educated.”
—Sean Arenas, Razorcake
Review: Yo Miss #1: A Graphic Look at High School

“Lisa Wilde’s black and white drawings explode with complexity, layered metaphors and gorgeous perspective . . .”
—Joanna Clapps Herman
Author of The Anarchist Bastardand No Longer and Not Yet

Yo, Miss . . . is a brave and fascinating look at Wilde’s workplace realities, and it’s the sort of thing I’d love to see a lot more of in the mini-comics community . . .”
—Brian Heater, Boing Boing
Comics Rack: December’s Best Comic Books

“Reading your graphic novel was a transformative experience for me . . . It was at once completely true—a realistic portrayal of the challenges and day-to-day experiences of teaching, and also a work of art, in that it took the truth and made it universal and beautiful and painful and somehow more true than the day-to-day ever could be .  . . .”
—Alexis Goldberg,
Achievement Coach, The Urban Assembly; Fellow, Academy for Teachers